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If you need a dumpster in Aurora or towns and cities nearby Aurora Dumpster Rental Company is the local, professional, punctual, customer-focused dumpster rental company for you. We pride ourselves on our fast response, clear, upfront pricing, and wide range of dumpster sizes. We offer 10 yard, 15 yard, 20 yard, 30 yard and 40 yard dumpster rentals, so no matter what sized dumpster you need we’ve got it available for you? Not sure what size you need? Our friendly and help staff is very experienced in dumpster rental and can advise you on what dumpster size is appropriate for your project. Whether you are complete a small demolition, cleanout or construction project or you are working on a large renovation project generating tons of debris, we can deliver a dumpster to your site. Get in touch with us today to get the ball rolling on your next dumpster rental.

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Why You Need A Reliable Dumpster Rental Company

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Dumpster rental is deigned to be as easy as possible for the customer. The first step is to decide on your project and determine what will be disposed of and how much of it will be. After that the potential customer gets in touch with the dumpster rental company to explain what they plan on using the dumpster for, where it will be going both geographically speaking and on site, This is important because if possible placing a dumpster on a public street should be avoided. This is because many municipalities do not allow dumpsters to be place on public property, including roadways. After that the dumpster company will advise the potential customer on what kind of dumpster they will likely need. They will also explain the when the dumpster can be dropped off how long the rental period is, and the basic terms of the rental. The price will also be named at this point. If the customer is satisfied with the dumpster rental company and wants to move forward, they order the dumpster they want at an agreed upon date and time.

The customer should be at the drop off site or have a representative there to verify that the correctly sized dumpster of the agreed upon dimensions is delivered and that the dumpster is placed in the agreed up area. Once a dumpster is placed and the dumpster rental company drives off, the dumpster cannot be moved by the customer. They will have to call the dumpster rental company again and this can incur a fee. After the dumpster is ready to be picked up, it can be paid for.  The customer should request in writing a full list of charges and fees in an agreement before paying for any services. This can be requested before contracting the company or it can be done right before payment but it’s important to obtain this document in case so that both parties are on the same page about costs. That said most dumpster rental companies have flat rates based on size of dumpster and rental period. Only when the rental period changes, a stipulated maximum weight limit is surpassed or prohibited items are placed in the dumpster surcharges levied. But reading the agreement is the only way to be 100% sure and avoid surprises. 


A Dumpster Rental Company Where Service is #1 Priority

When you call a dumpster rental company, you want to know that they have the size you want. You want to know that they can tell you what size you might need. You want to know how long you can keep it for and when you can get it. You don’t want confusing pricing and ambiguous service agreements. We get it and we do right by our customers. Whether you need a dumpster for junk removal or construction clean up or anything else, our mission is to provide you the absolutely best experience possible.


Find out more about some of the services we offer below and get in touch with us if you see something you need.


Small dumpsters are the 10 yard and 15 yard dumpsters. 10 yard dumpsters are the smallest dumpsters we offer. 10 cubic yards is 10 multiplied by 3x3x3 yard unit, about the size of a dishwasher. If you think of it that way, a 10 yard dumpster can roughly fit 10 dishwashers.


Our largest dumpster is 40 yards. 40 yard dumpsters are about 8 feet high, so they are quite voluminous. These are the dumpsters you see at large construction sites, like those for apartment buildings and other big commercial projects.  You’d need this…


All of our dumpsters are roll off dumpster or roll away dumpsters. The are different than garbage dumpster in their size and purpose. Garbage dumpsters are smaller and designed for everyday residential trash and garbage. Roll of dumpster…


40 yard dumpsters are the largest roll off dumpster size available. Forty yard dumpsters are eight feet in height, twenty-two feet in length and seven and a half feet in width. Because of their size they are commonly seen on commercial…


30 yard roll or dumpsters are the same length and width as 40 yard dumpsters, twenty two feet and seven and a half feet respectively, but have lower walls. Since the take up about the same amount of space as 40 yard dumpster it should be determined ahead of time whether the dumpster 


20 yard dumpsters are four and a half feet high, twenty two feet long and seven and a half feet wide. They are the ideal dumpster size for cleanouts and home renovation projects because they are large enough to hold all of the debris for a wide range of projects and uses. Large or medium-sized house…


15 yard dumpster are  four and a half feet high which makes them ideal for tossing junk over the walls. They are also great for heavy debris like concrete, asphalt and dirt. Where other sized dumpster may only be able to be filled part way because of very heavy items,15 yard…


All of our dumpster are appropriate for residential projects large and small. For residential projects the best balance of capacity and compactness is the 20 yard dumpster; for most residential projects the 20 yard dumpster can contain all of…


10 yard dumpsters are also great for heavy debris. They can hold  two to three tons or four thousand to six thousand pounds. The are a good sized dumpster to hold debris generated from small room cleanouts, small bath and kitchen repair, small garage and attic cleanouts, spring and fall yard work etc.  For example a 10 yard dumpster can handle the debris created from a light demolition project of one or two rooms or the debris from the construction of a small outbuilding like a shed. 10 cubic yards is about the same amount that can fit in the back of about three  full sized pick up trucks or about sixty thirty-three gallon trash bags.

Which One Do You Need?

Junk Removal vs. Dumpster Rental

Dumpster rental and junk removal both have the same goal, to help a customer remove unwanted items from a property faster and more conveniently. The circumstances of what needs to be removed, how much of it there is, where it’s located and how involved the customer want to be involved all play a role. With dumpster rental a dumpster is left on the property and it is the customers job to fill it with the debris they do not want. Dumpster rentals have stipulations on how much the filled dumpster can weigh, how long the dumpster can be rented without out additional charge, and when the dumpster can be picked up and drop off. It’s also a do it yourself job. So if you are renovating a room, tearing out drywall to replace insulation and for pest control, or trashing all that stuff accumulated over the years in the basement, you’re on your own getting it to the dumpster.

On the plus side for dumpster rental, the customer can move at their own pace disposing of the things they do not want, they can separate and sort things as they fill the dumpster over time, bringing different items from different areas to put in the dumpster. With full-service junk removal, the items generally have to be in a central location and certainly need to be pre-sorted and ready to be loaded up (there is no way for the junk removal company to know what is to be kept and what is to be thrown away). Junk removers will remove anything you don’t want to touch that’s not hazardous, for example stuff like debris from demolition or mold removal. Junk removal company’s also often have capacity limits, and when you have more junk than they can take in more than one trip more is charged. On the issue of price, as long as the rules are followed, dumpster rental is a flat fee; junk removal prices are a little more complicated and can depend on what is being thrown away, how heavy it is, how much labor is needed to complete your job and how much time it will take to complete you job. Of course we are partial to dumpster rental, but recognize it’s not the right solution for every potential customer. In general we think: If the job is relatively small, singular or centralized it might make sense to call a junk removal company. If the job is ongoing, larger and the junk to be removed is decentralized renting a dumpster may be most convenient. It never hurts to get quotes from both kinds of companies and see which has the better terms for you.

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